Gerald Walker. Managing Director, Bloomberg Europe

Gerald Walker

Big Data Segment
Gerald is currently with Bloomberg Beta (Bloomberg’s new $75m early stage VC fund).
In 2008 he was a founding member of Bloomberg Ventures, which was charged with incubation of new businesses within Bloomberg (including Bloomberg Institute) and sourcing ideas for Bloomberg.
Prior to this role he was Chief Of Staff to the CEO of Bloomberg LP. During his time at Bloomberg since 1987 he has worked in sales/management/product development and technical areas.
Bloomberg is the leading provider of financial news and information. Our R&D department consists of 3000 technologist working across teams in both London and New York. We are technology people – when we write code, we like to understand exactly what the hardware is doing. We live and breathe C++, and are concerned about cpu performance, optimizations, memory allocation behaviour, as well as higher-level software engineering principles such as building modular, scalable, reliable and debuggable code. We write a lot of systems ourselves, but have embraced the open source community,
The Bloomberg Terminal is the primary product we are known for – it used to run on custom hardware, but is now a piece of software that runs on a PC – typically connected to 2 or more monitors. Over 300,000 customers pay a monthly subscription to access our real-time data and news, deep analytic functions and trading functionality through our custom browser. You will see many Bloomberg Terminals on most trading floors around the world, and in the offices of influential decision-makers within financial markets.